Re-Elect Eric Peterson

Mayor of Wyoming, MN

It's been an honor and a privilege to serve as your mayor.  

As your mayor, it's my responsibility to ensure that our city provides it's residents the services they expect, utilizing our tax dollars in a fiscally responsible way.  

After decades of kicking the can down the road, in the past 6 years, we set up a savings account to ensure that we have money available to systematicaly replace and maintain our streets.

To date, we've replaced about 8 miles of streets in our city.  At the same time, we’ve upgraded and made improvements to our sewer lines, and are currently adding a new water tower, essential to providing the infrastructure essential for development of business within our city.   Business that will help take the tax burden off of our residents.

I also helped found an arts council in our city, establishing the Hallberg Center for the Arts, enriching the lives of our residents in the arts (Stagecoach Days, exhibits, and classes) and bringing in artists from throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.  All accomplished completely through donations, grants and volunteers.

Labor Endorsed 

I respect our city staff and our employees from our outstanding police, fire, and public works departments.  It's always been my belief in business, the military and city government, that our employees are our most valuable asset.   By creating an environment friendly to our employees, we save money.  Our employees work harder and honestly because they want to, and we reduce turnover and the associated expenses that come with retraining staff.

I humbly ask for your continued support.  I will continue to work for you.

- Eric Peterson, mayor of the City of Wyoming

Some letters to the editor...


Investments in our public infrastructure are the foundation of a safe and thriving community. Mayor Peterson knows that; so does Roger Elmore. I am voting to return Eric Peterson as Wyoming’s mayor and Roger Elmore to the City Council to ensure that Wyoming moves forward. Moving forward with necessary transportation and public utility projects will make Wyoming more attractive to all kinds of future development, not just more houses. Moving forward with tax incentives and business relocation programs to attract new business will bring local jobs and improved tax base to the city. Moving forward with full support for our public safety personnel and volunteers will ensure a safe community for us all. Moving forward to implement local park initiatives across the community will strengthen our local neighborhoods. Moving forward, with street improvement programs that minimize residential assessments.

I have known Roger Elmore for close to 15 years. I have been on the Park Board since back when the township was here. Roger has been an incredible resource for me with parks in his various roles as a Town Board member, city councilman, Park Board member and Joint Planning/Park Board member. He helped with the city-township annexation to make it a win-win outcome for the city and township. I am hoping to have his help again as a city councilman. Please vote for Roger Elmore.

Mayor Peterson has been diligent about visiting parks and attending Park Board meetings so he makes informed decisions. I hope to continue to work with Mayor Peterson. Please vote for Eric Peterson.

Linda Nanko-Yeager has had eight years as a Wyoming City Council member to learn how to get the best value out of our tax dollars. Unfortunately she hasn’t figured it out. Her biggest blunder came on May 7, 2013 when she voted against a proposal aimed at repairing and maintaining city streets with no assessments to property owners — a position, I might add, that current mayoral candidate Lisa Iverson supported at the candidate’s forum held before the 2014 election. At the public hearing in 2013, I was saddened by Nanko-Yeager’s disregard for those who spoke of the financial hardships property assessments would have on them and their families. Assessments are here permanently. Nanko-Yeager is solely responsible for them. Her no vote has proven fiscally irresponsible and financially damaging to the residents of Wyoming.

With the election drawing near, voters in Wyoming are faced with a number of choices for Mayor and City Council. This year more than ever, I feel that it’s important to elect individuals who are committed to progress and truly dedicated to building a better Wyoming. I have attended many council meetings over the years and during that time, two candidates have stood out for a number of reasons. This year, I will be voting for Roger Elmore for City Council and Eric Peterson for mayor. They understand the importance of looking at the big picture, planning for the future of the city and voting for what is best for Wyoming as a whole. They supported infrastructure the city needs in order to attract new development, which is very important if we want to see long-term lower taxes. They have demonstrated a true passion for wanting to make Wyoming a better place in which to live, work and play, both in their private and public lives and through the boards and commissions they’ve served on.

The city of Wyoming has an obligation to its citizens and its business partners to maintain and support growth in the area. We need council leadership that will do just that. Roger Elmore is the right person for the job; he is for growth of the city and growth for new local jobs. We need to make good economic choices, but we also need to move forward with the upkeep and appearances of the city and maintain a slow and controlled growth for the longevity of the city.

Roger Elmore has the city’s best interest in mind. He has 14 years of experience in local government. He began the park improvement initiative and supported road and infrastructure improvements with no residential assessments. He also supported tax incentives to attract new business and new jobs to the area, and most of all, supports the men and women of the Department of Public Safety.

And the lies just keep on coming:

Certain candidates for City Council and mayor’s seat continue to lie to the residents of the city of Wyoming. Telling residents that city tax funds are spent on park signs and park projects is a total falsehood. Parks spending comes from fees that are paid by developers, not at all from property taxes. These same candidates voted against the new water tower, but then took credit for its development and the service it would provide. Now they are misinforming residents about their voting record against a bonding issue that would have provided no assessment on street construction. Their vote now makes residents be required to pay assessments for street construction.